Cill Rialaig Artist Retreat 2014


I had a wonderful time once again at the Cill Rialaig artist retreat in early  August. Unbelievably, the weather was splendid throughout my stay and there seemed to be rain only at night. I’ve had great weather every time I’ve visited -even once in November.

As a donation to help with the upkeep of the retreat, I painted two works for the “Art 250″ event that is run regularly. Both pieces are tied in with the Charlie Chaplin Tribute festival that’s just finished. Apparently, Chaplin often holidayed in Waterville.  A bunch of photographic references were left in for each artist in order to inspire.

I’ll post the other one soon.


Exhibition: The 52nd State of Mind

Goode Kynge H'Henry
Goode Kynge H’Henry

I’m in a state. I’m always in a state; and I hope you are too. Like any state, mine’s a mixture of highs and lows; progression and stasis, joy and frustration. I’m turning 52 at the end of October and as every year, I’m holding a solo exhibition in a space I’m hiring for a week -a solo show  in Dublin City centre, without the particular pressures or indeed the supports that come with collaboration with a gallery or even with other artists.

Instead, I want to collaborate with you, which is why I’m using the crowdsourcing platform. Every one of my friends and colleagues who participates, even in the smallest way, will get something of my art in their hands along with the exciting prospect of being involved in creation of the show itself. That’s the beauty of this system: If you like the idea of it, you might want to see this show come alive. As simple as that.

If you go to my Fundit project space here, you’ll see there’s a video and some text to read but best of all, you can view a schedule of rewards for contributors. I do hope you get involved.

I’m working on lots of new pieces as I go -although there may be a few personal favourites put in too. I think that it will be special and I hope you do too. And I hope to see you there.

The opening is at 7pm on Thursday October 9th in Gallery 27 which is underneath the Leinster Gallery. I’ll post more updates as time goes on.

Thank you all in advance for your contributions.


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