The City

I was invited to submit works based around the theme 'The City' to le Louvre open submissions show in Paris. Acrylics on canvas. 12" x 26".

Limited edition (50), numbered and hand-signed museum-quality archival giclée prints with an edition certificate (HahnemuhleGerman Etching fine art paper) available directly from me:

Brunaille: Next week's demonstration of a Monochrome Underpainting

If you want to try out this technique of making a warm, monochrome underpainting at next week's class, you will need the following tubes of ACRYLIC paint:

Burnt Siena
Flesh Tint (Winsor & Newton) or Warm Bright Yellow (Sennelier)
Titanium White

This technique provides you with a great big safety net for you when you get to the point of adding colour by glazing -and the results can be beautifully rich and lustrous. I often use this method in my hand painted illustrations as I can get the whole work planned out in monochrome before committing to colour. In the image above, I didn't even glaze colour and left the brunaille as it was -I thought colour would detract from this one. If you'd like me to hold a demonstration in your area, why not drop me a line at

Brunaille: Underpainting in warm monochrome.
Grisaille: Underpainting in cool monochrome.

Future Past

Lately I've been looking though past blog posts to see how things were once. I haven't ever done much for the children's book market but I did try to promote myself in that area. This is a self-promotional piece in acrylics from 2006. I enjoyed the painting and also making up the little rhyme to go with it. I don't think I'd do it this way now and would be far more likely to work digitally:
Once for the Childer. From 2006

My good rep in Toronto Three In A Box., produces a themed promotional book every year aimed at certain segments of the market. These books are branded as 'Box Lunches' and the current one is the fourth. Anyhuff, the theme this time is 'Childhood' and the attached pic is my contribution. I never saw myself as a children's book illustrator so when I told Denis Goodbody of Adept Advertising he expressed surprise. He's right, of course. Certainly what I do engages with the child inside of the reader -even at the level of the bus…

Auction: Study of Silver on Linen. Daily Painting

Here's a chance to get an original oils painting for a song: I'm auctioning this original, unique little study on eBay with a reserve of only €75 (or $87). It's signed, varnished but unframed. Oils on canvas panel 5" x 7". Click on this link to take you to the eBay auction. Good luck - I hope this beautiful little oils study graces your wall soon!

At the beginning of my art classes, and at every class, I do a small demonstration to illustrate some aspect of alla prima oil painting. For example, how to compose or 'the travel of light' or, as here; how to represent reflections on a metallic surface. I find it has more of an effect than just explaining the principles. These usually take about 20 minutes.

I'll often continue to work on these studies after the class and this is one of those.

Oils on canvas panel 5" x 7". 

Click on this link to take you to the eBay auction.

Merlin. Archival giclee print on Hahnemuhle rag paper

Merlin the magic cat. We just got a new cat at home and Merlin is his name. We got the little critter from the DSPCA facility, so he's been well looked after -all the necessary shots. The children adore him. It's entertaining to see him gambolling about the house. Unlike the cat in this print, though, he's a tabby.

Available as a 6" x 6" OR 8" x 8" archival print: Signed and titled unframed. €40 or €55 ($47 or $65) Plus shipping. If you would like to buy a print, just use the button below and make sure you mention the title of the print you want. 

2 sizes Available6" x 6" Unframed €40.00 EUR8" x 8" Unframed €55.00 EUR

Here Hare Here

2 sizes Available6" x 6" Unframed €40.00 EUR8" x 8" Unframed €55.00 EUR

If you haven't seen the classic cult film, 'Withnail and I', you don't know what you're missing. The title of this print is, of course taken from it. This archival giclée print is available in 2 sizes: 6" x 6" and 8" x 8" Unframed, directly from this site. Each one will be signed and titled. It's an unlimited edition.

In a Purple Patch...Painting in the McSherry Studio

After a couple of months of not doing very much (isn't summer just like that? You get all this freedom and you don't know what to do with it.) I'm back painting. I picked up a canvas I started long ago -maybe even last year. It's been lying around gathering dust and knocks and God knows what else, so it was high time I stuck it back up on the easel.

It's my classes and students that help me to get back on the trail -I promise to do a demonstration at every class and just doing that creates a flow. Thanks, my lovely students!

I  often leave paintings unfinished for so long that I forget what I was thinking when I started. Who cares? Not I. Hopefully I'll have this done by this time next year...