Illustration appears on the Radio!

Last Friday saw me arrive into the Anna Livia studios for an interview with Alex Gibson on his show, 'The Persuaders' -a weekly marketing and media programme. The Persuaders. It was a good chance to get an inside view of the wireless -all those wires! The interview covered my beginnings as an illustrator and my part in the birth of the Illustrators Guild of Ireland. I had my portfolio with me and Alex described a selection to the audience. Hang on -I *was* asked... A case of a thousand words painting one picture. There's an audio file available on my site [just under 7Mb]. Just to keep with the subject matter, I'm not going to include a picture.


Kevo said...

Just a litte test to see how this works. Don't mind me.

Anonymous said...

Great site, Kevin. I will be spreading the word.