Step by Step Movie

A Very Bouncy Project
I've just completed a small movie, tracking the course of a single illustration. It should go some way to explain how I work -at least once rough sketches have been approved by the client. I had enormous fun making it. Basically, it's a series of still shots taken while the artwork was being hand-painted in acrylic on Arches watercolour paper [my preferred method!].
Click here for the movie
You'll notice that I decided some way into the work to eliminate the background. It's a decision I allowed myself as I had complete control over the final look; the final art not being created for a client.

The thing that really got me excited about the project was licencing the music. It's the first time I've ever ventured into the whole area of licencing a piece of art as a client. Joanna at was wonderful, however, and seemed enthused about the idea. I was sad to learn of Simon Jeffes' [the Penguin's composer and founder] untimely death some years ago; it completely passed me by. I've loved his eccentric music since the early eighties, although I think he even arranged music for the absurd Sex Pistols film 'The Great Rock 'n' Roll Swindle', so the PCO go back quite a bit further.

Enjoy the movie.

What a Strange Way to Make a Living...

So, purveyors of 'visual assets', Stockbyte have been sold to Getty in what must be the world's blandest and most passionless corporate deal. Just imagine what the celebrations were like: Off to the charity shop to buy an old grey suit and shiny tie. Then down to the local greasy spoon for a slap-up feed of reheated leftovers and cola from the slop-catcher!

$135m? Double Take wouldn't have given them yesterday's chip wrapper for it.

Just to celebrate the deal [but not so much that we draw attention to ourselves] Double Take illustrates this article with an appropriate image. A typically charmless image of a pathetically grateful-looking handshake. That must be Getty on the left.

Mmmm - While I think of it, I have a bag of used batteries here... Mr Getty!... Mr Getty!