Irish Times BTW illo

This is a review of this week's BTW illustration. The topic: How banks are fawning all over us in an embarrassing way in order to lend us money. [For my part, I insist that all loan negotiations be carried out while my bank manager is dressed in a gimp outfit]. Below is one of the first idea sketches [there were others, but along different lines].

I then worked up a more elaborate sketch to show the editor:

Once approved, I squared up my stretched paper and drew the composition accurately. Don't try that banker's position at home. I had to hire another model, after the first one put his back out trying to achieve the desired pose. I had to remove him from the premises in a wheelbarrow:

And finally, here's the finished illustration. I made the man of the couple a little less formally dressed -they are out house-hunting, after all:


Steve Simpson said…
great to see the illustration develop.

Do you have a pics of your bank manager in that gimp outfit?
Kevo said…
What my bank manager and I do in the privacy of our own bank is not for the voyeuristic eyes of others. Unless you have a gimp outfit too.

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