Snail's Pace Illustration

Back to the world of editorial illustration. Last Sunday saw the publication of this meisterwerk in the Sunday Tribune. It was commissioned to accompany a profile article on John McElligott, MD of eBay Ireland. McElligott made the point that rollout of broadband in Ireland is proceeding very slowly indeed and is an impediment to online business, nay; an embarrassment . And so say all of us.

After presenting a few ideas, all along the same lines, the 'Traveller's Caravan' idea was selected, I think because it conveyed the idea of commerce more succinctly [and isn't eBay the territory of second-hand goods' sales and virtual tinkerers?] Additionally, it gives a sense of old Ireland and its unhurried ways.

Once I got the go-ahead, I sketched the composition out on the stretched board, as usual and layed down a wash of sap green.

Part of the idea was for certain elements to break the bounds of the background. I also felt that the character should have an air of someone confounded by his circumstance, rather than horse-whipping the snails, as in the preliminary sketch*. It only remained to start working up the colour. I added a flat cap to one of the snail team to emphasise the bucolic atmos. In so doing, I inadvertently made the snail look like Jackie Healy-Rae. Cool!

Acrylics on Galeria textured paper. 12" x 10"

*Only some snails were cruelly bludgeoned during the making of this illustration


Kevo said…
Tesekkür ederim, Anil
MONROY said…
Very very nice work! I like this one and the Evolution of flight. I´m a spanish illustrator so.

Fer R. Monroy
Kevo said…
Thank you Monroy, I appreciate your kind words!
Anil Yigitoglu said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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