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Great Eagle Wood: Illustrated Book Launch

This month sees the launch of a new book, Great Eagle Wood, by Cork writer and academic, Derry Cotter. It is an allegorical tale about how economies work, where the various character archetypes are written as animals. It's published by the Institute of Accountants in Ireland and is a sort of Animal Farm about general economics. For a dismal scientist, Cotter explains the complexities of money in a simple and fun way.

The illustration brief identified ten points which were to be illustrated with the instruction that the body of the book would be monocolour. This was a departure for me as I don't take on much mono work. Nevertheless, I had fun with the project, creating characters and imagining scenes in the text -above is the accountant at the Bottom Line. Accountants are foxes, naturally. So are barristers. We have Beaver blue-collar workers, Duck merchants, a depressive Bear and my favourite; an overly optimistic Bull. All presided over by the Great Eagle himself.

All the in…