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Alliance française Alliances en résonance Exhibition, Paris 2008

I was invited to show in this year's Alliances en Résonance, held in the Alliance Française in the centre of Paris. Also showing will be Giles Norman, the Kinsale-based photographer. Representing other artistic disciplines will be The Walls and poet, Paul Muldoon.

I created several new pieces -you can see them if you download the catalogue of my work here
The general theme is built around my other passion, namely Irish traditional music. All the names are taken from the canon of tunes. It has always interested and delighted me that the names of tunes are an almost separate entity from the tunes themselves [save for some, for example, Roudledum, which is a verbal expression of the slip-jig rhythm]. The Gudgeon of Maurice's Car, however, must recall some incident which is lost to memory, unless someone can remind us? Do cars still have gudgeons?
The event is an invitation to Paris and the promotion of Irish Artists throughout a week of Irish Cultural Events organised by the Fon…