Wall Street Journalist

I took on a very quick turnaround task for the Wall Street Journal Sunday paper, just the other day. Another one in a series of illustrations done with a soft pencil on Arches Hot Pressed watercolour paper. This plus all the doodling I've been doing lately is making for a very monotone blog...but how do you like the style?

Heads go leor

I did my usual stint in the Alliance Fran├žaise, waiting for my children to finish their Saturday morning classes. It's my one chance in the week to sit down, sip a decent coffee and let my mind wander freely. Sometimes I make an effort to draw a particular composition and other times, like last Saturday, I just doodle whatever takes my fancy.

The Late 'Late Jake Thackray RIP' Post

What can I say about this funny, intelligent and charming troubadour? Sadly, this unique man was taken from us far too young, in 2002. Enjoy the music, wit and the deadpan delivery -it's a joy to see somebody deliver pointed comedy without resorting to humiliating senior citizens or minority groups.
[The video seems to have a little interference somewhere around the 2 minute mark but it passes].

Double Take Moves Laboriously into the Modern World: Subscriptions by Email Added

Double Take has recently discovered some cool blogging processes that other bloggers have known about since the Bronze Age. You can now subscribe to this blog and get new posts sent directly to your inbox. No new posts; No emails. It's a simple process involving taking a stick with a nail through the end and whacking your computer with it for several minutes until it decides to do something for you. Or, you can write your email address in the box at the top right of the blog and hitting the 'subscribe' button...
Did I really just write the word 'cool'?