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Scamp's Thrifty Christmas

Well actually, here's something that'll interest you. Every month,, the excellent blog all about Irish illustration, have an open submission event based around a topical theme. This month's is the aptly themed 'A Thrifty Christmas'. Click on the link below and take a look at how various Irish illustrators including me, interpreted the brief into more here.

Joyeux Noël

It's unlikely that I'll post anything new today. The children are all off school, with the resultant increase in noise levels. There's still plenty of preparation to do for tomorrow, so it just remains to wish all my readers a happy and peaceful Christmas. Joyeux Noël, Kevin

Original Thanking

A few weeks ago, the Irish Times published their annual Christmas gifts supplement. They had contacted me previously about my web site, where I sell my small oils painting studies, with a suggestion to insert an article on it. 
It demonstrated to me why print is still vital for advertising. There's something reassuring to buyers about a write up in a newspaper. You can pour all the searchable tags you like into a web site to drive people to your online presence but at the end of it, many people don't see material published on the web as verifiable and authentic. We all know from the movies that a newspaper office is full of caffeine-fuelled editors and journalists, with sleeves all rolled up, endlessly fighting to find the truth. So we know that all the material has been researched by the hacks and verified by a growling cigar-chomping ed, don't we? And that's a good thing. On the internet, it has been said, nobody knows you're a dog; any…