The Nasal Cosy

Thursday's supplementary fashion post.

If you want to get ahead; get a hat

*Stop Press. Thanks to Peter Kirwan from Denobi Web Design, who phoned me to ask me if this was my brainchild. Such wit merits a link.*

Apologies for mentioning ancient history but an event occurred in the run-up to the unmentionable 'festive season' that is indeed worth mentioning.

The IGI Christmas party took place in Doyles pub on College Green and was organised by IGI stalwarts, Una Gildea and Pádhraig Nolan. Members were urged to contrive an imaginative hat, worthy of their august profession as arists and which would be judged by none other than writer and grizzled comedy elder, Kevin Gildea. Kevin, who appeared very surprised by the honour suddenly thrust upon him by his sister, the aforementioned Una, turned in a wonderful ad-hoc performance, which not only affirmed to all of us his wit, flair and fluency but also impressed me, with his keen judgement, since I came joint- first along with Joven Kerekes in his jive-ass afro-contraption head-set thing. Unfortunately, I don't have a decent photo of Joven's crown-topper but I do have a pic of Padhraig Nolan's Viking Splash Jewelry Stand Creation and Chris Judge's ' The Ruskies are Coming!'

If you do have a snapshot of Joven avec chapeau, could you send it to me? I'll post it up here and we can keep the spirit of Christmas alive.

Sketchbook scribbloids 2

I escaped from my studio last afternoon in order to buy some materials -and to spend time staring into space in a café. I had my sketchbook with me and doodled away a couple of hours over a pot of tea.

I meant to take some time to generate ideas for my Cafepress prints and cards shop that I've had for a year without developing. It needs filling with new illustrated products. Anyway, nothing was springing to mind, so my attention wandered.