Look Mum: No Hands!

Lidl seem to be able to tap into my thoughts. A couple of weeks ago, after spending almost €50 at Woodworkers getting some MDF cut down into squares for painting supports for my students, [they charge €1.80 per cut] I decided to invest in one of these lads. The cheapest I could find in the specialist tool shops was around €199, with a possible €40 to buy a new, finer blade for cutting MDF.

Next thing is Lidl put this one on offer at €130. This isn't the first time they've had just what I was looking for at the moment when I needed it. How do they do that? What other private thoughts are they reading? Am I that bloody predictable?

Just one thing, though: The only problem so far is the 'eccentric lever' which is supposed to lock the 'fence' [the moveable guide to which you knock up the wood to be cut]. After a couple of cuts, it loosened and now won't stay in position; I have to keep it fixed with a G clamp . At 1700 watts, the blade cuts very well and the machine seems to be solid enough. And...AND...it came with two blades, one course and one fine.

I believe next week, Lidl are doing a range of prosthetic hands.


P Nolan said…
Don't even be joking about things like that :-/
Kevo said…
Thanmlkyiuu dsoer yior're co,memnt. ssoprereyut -can't type veryu well wityh stium,p[s
Roger O'Reilly said…
I've two cheapo versions of that machine
One is completely useless because it has no side platform to guide the sheets through.
The other cuts the sheet Ok, but when you measure it afterwards, it turns out that there's about an 8mm difference in the width at both ends. Both bloody useless and cluttering up my garage. Yours looks the business. Have you tried cutting through an 8x4 sheet yet?
Kevo said…
When I bought the sheet of MDF, I got them to cut it in half. Would need a load of space to cut an 8 x 4. Even the thought of getting it home makes me tired...
Anthony Sands said…
Be sure to wear a mask everytime ye cut MDF.. The dust is awfully carcenagenic..

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