Normal Viewing Has Resumed

After several months of being more or less 'off-air', because of mysterious webby infections, both my web sites (this one and my teaching site, are now back in action.

My hosting company removed them sometime ago because they had been compromised somehow. I still don't really know what that means other than they were supposed to be 'cleaned' before reinstating them could take place.  Needless to say, that was beyond me.

Both of those webs sites were made using the open-source platform, Wordpress -and for years, they worked well with very few problems. The trouble is that Wordpress seemed to be getting more bloated and difficult to deal with as time passed.

So -it's back to Blogger with me. A little less slick-looking but easier to handle.

The attached picture is from my exhibition of last year. It's called 'Doran's Pre-fried Sausages' and if you can see a connection between it and this text then you've got better eyesight than me.

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