Watch the Birdie

You can see how this small painting of a Bullfinch develops from roughing out to applying the gilding. Painting is a bit like building a house; things seem to come together very quickly until the final fitting and decoration have to be done. I left out much of the finessing of the bird as it would make the video just too long.

And I forgot to film it as I became so engrossed in the project, anyway.

I also played the ukelele for this. I bought it for my youngest daughter a couple of Christmasses ago but since then, she hasn't shown the slightest interest in it.

This is one of the works that went to Greenacres for their Christmas show. I do take on commissions for these, and if you're interested, call me on 086 247 0737.

You can see more of these artworks on The Gilded Birds page. :


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