The Feathered Ones

A monochrome print from my summer 2016 show: Flights of Fancy. Hand printed from a linocut. A limited edition of 25.

I had this composition ready to go but I wanted a title that fitted, so I got talking to Nicola in KM Evan's art shop in Dublin. He's Italian and we share an enthusiasm for Vespas. Anyroad, I asked him to translate 'The Feathered Ones' and he told me it doesn't really translate. I Piumati is the closest he could get in meaning and intent.

You can see my printing press below (it's the spoon) and the lino from which I carved the image.

All I can say is, grazie mille, Nicola.

Image approx A5 on a 12" x 14" fine grain watercolour sheet. 

You can order this original handmade print on Etsy here -and what's more, shipping is FREE!

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