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Digital Speed Painting

A painting/illustration made entirely in Affinity Designer and a Wacom drawing tablet, off the top of my head. I wanted to complete a digital image without first drawing a sketch and scanning it into the PC.


In response to all that's GUBU here on the Emerald Isle (to those outside of Ireland, GUBU is an acronym first used during a late 1980s political scandal: Grotesque; Unprecedented; Bizarre and Unbelievable - and it never seems to stop), I have my own newly-coined acronym for these hand-painted gift artworks: OPIUM: Original; Personal; Imaginative; Unique; Memorable.

I should add; addictive but that quality is inherent in the word and it would mess up my lovely new acronym.

Let me explain: I create these unique artworks to order, usually for retiring or otherwise departing executives. These projects are fun -with all the secret meetings and development, sketches and the growing feelings of expectation -and the party at the end where the presentation of the framed art is made.

So, I'm after all the PAs I can get my hands on (so to speak). That's my goal. PAs are the 'go-to' people when an unusual project comes up within a company: Something like procuring a retireme…

Commercial Storyboards

Above is a single panel from a commercial (advertising) storyboard. Drawn and rendered in Affinity Designer. Call me on 086 247 0737.