In response to all that's GUBU here on the Emerald Isle (to those outside of Ireland, GUBU is an acronym first used during a late 1980s political scandal: Grotesque; Unprecedented; Bizarre and Unbelievable - and it never seems to stop), I have my own newly-coined acronym for these hand-painted gift artworks: OPIUM: Original; Personal; Imaginative; Unique; Memorable.

I should add; addictive but that quality is inherent in the word and it would mess up my lovely new acronym.

Let me explain: I create these unique artworks to order, usually for retiring or otherwise departing executives. These projects are fun -with all the secret meetings and development, sketches and the growing feelings of expectation -and the party at the end where the presentation of the framed art is made.

So, I'm after all the PAs I can get my hands on (so to speak). That's my goal. PAs are the 'go-to' people when an unusual project comes up within a company: Something like procuring a retirement or departing gift for an executive, for example. The HR department is another source, since most companies don't have an art or design department. The 'finding a present' brief doesn't really fit the remit of any particular section of a company.

The difficulty is always what to get for this person who has most  things already. A nice pen? A gold watch? A bunch of flowers? A crystal vase? These items are all very lovely but they either don't last or they're very unoriginal. Or both.

So how about a present of OPIUM? Each original painting is tailored exactly to fit the individual: it's personal and includes elements that refer to the person's character, wishes and achievements. Unlike a gold watch, this is imaginative; it places the person in the context of their interests -a relevant (though invented) magazine or book cover: Don't we all want to make the front cover of  a book? Each artwork is unique; there is only one of these in the entire world which can't be said of a crystal vase, set of golf clubs or a gold watch...
Which brings us to Memorable. This is a memento -a thoughtful gift from colleagues to a valued member of the team which will be cherished for ever.

So if you're a PA or an HR type who's been charged with coming up with a gift, give me a call on 086 247 0737 and we can talk. Even if you know someone who is in that position, do pass on my name and number: +353 (0)86 247 0737 or email: kevin@mcsherry.ie I'd love to talk to you...

So; please share...


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